What clothes to bring?

The Galapagos archipelago is a unique travel destination with a hot and humid tropical climate year-round. Therefore, travelers should pack light and comfortable clothing for their trip. Here are some suggestions on what to pack: Lightweight clothing: pack light clothing, such as shorts, light cotton shirts, light dresses, skirts or light pants. Clothing made of breathable fabrics can help keep you cool in this tropical climate! Swimwear: The Galapagos islands are famous for their beautiful beaches, so don't forget to bring your swimsuit to enjoy their crystal-clear waters! Waterproof clothing: There can be sudden downpours during the rainy season. Therefore, it may be useful to bring a light raincoat or jacket. Comfortable footwear: Bring comfortable walking shoes for exploring the islands, sandals for the beach and light shoes for walking around town. Sunscreen: Don't forget to bring high factor sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat or cap to protect yourself from intense UV rays. Evening wear: If you are planning to dine at restaurants on Santa Cruz island or San Cristobal, it is advisable to bring slightly dressier clothes!

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