Description of the Nazca booby

The Nazca Booby (Sula granti) is a species of seabird belonging to the Sulidae family. It is endemic to the Pacific Ocean and is found mainly on the Galapagos Islands, but also on the Malpelo and Gorgona Islands in Colombia. The Nazca Booby is a medium-sized bird, measuring about 2 feet in length and weighing between 3 and 4.5 pounds. It has a wingspan of approximately 4.5 feet. It is distinguished from other species of boobies by its black and white plumage, with a yellow spot behind each eye. It is an excellent diver and can reach depths of up to 100 feet to feed on fish and squid. It is also able to fly at high speed above the water to hunt its prey. Like other booby species, the Nazca booby has webbed feet and long, narrow wings that allow it to glide efficiently in air currents. It breeds in colonies, with pairs remaining monogamous for one breeding season.

When to see them?

The Nazca Booby is present all year long on the Galapagos Islands, but the period of reproduction takes place mainly between June and November. This is the best time to observe these birds, as they gather in breeding colonies to nest and raise their young.

Where to observe them?

Genovesa Island is known to have the largest breeding colony of Nazca Boobies in the Galapagos. Thousands of individuals can be seen nesting on the rocky cliffs.

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